Repair Your Sidewalk for a Safe & Even Surface

Is your sidewalk cracked, sinking, or uneven? This can not only reduce your curb appeal and your home’s value, but it can also pose a tripping risk that you are liable for as the homeowner! If you are dealing with a damaged sidewalk, don’t automatically assume that you need to replace it altogether. Here at MidAmerica Basement Systems, we are proud to offer some of the best sidewalk repair services in Cedar Rapids, using the innovative PolyLevel®  method. This can safely lift, level, and restore your concrete sidewalk with ease. 

The sidewalk as it is being leveled.

What Causes Sidewalks to Crack and Become Uneven?

While concrete is a popular building material, it’s not without its drawbacks, and sinking and cracking is a common problem with concrete sidewalks. Concrete damage is most often caused by issues with the soil beneath the slab. As soil takes on water and then dries, this process causes the soil to shrink and expand with the weather. Over time, this creates washout and erosion, leading to air pockets and uneven support of the heavy concrete. The slab starts to sink or tilt, and may crack under this type of wear and tear. Thankfully, our services for sidewalk repair in Cedar Rapids using PolyLevel, addresses the underlying soil issues and creates permanent support for your concrete sidewalk. 

Repair Your Sidewalk with PolyLevel®

PolyLevel is a fast-acting, expanding polyurethane foam that can easily and accurately lift your concrete back into place. This foam is injected through small holes that are drilled into the concrete slab, filling voids in the soil below. It cures completely in as few as 15 minutes, giving you a long-lasting, waterproof hold. PolyLevel is a trusted repair solution for concrete leveling and sidewalk repair in Cedar Rapids.


Restoring the Walkway with Concrete Leveling

For both homeowners and business owners, having a safe and level sidewalk is essential. With our help, you can remove the tripping hazards and create a walkway that is compliant with city regulations  in Cedar Rapids. Concrete sidewalk repair with PolyLevel is a cost-effective and reliable method that can save you time and money compared to other conventional methods like mudjacking or total slab replacement. Plus, it’s minimally invasive, doesn’t disrupt your landscaping, and offers fast results. 

If you would like to learn more about our Cedar Rapids sidewalk repair services, give us a call at MidAmerica Basement Solutions today to request your free estimate!