Spalling Concrete Prevention

Spalling Concrete Prevention

Spalling Concrete Prevention — Davenport

Have you noticed your concrete seems to be pitted, flacking, or chipping away? This may be due to a phenomenon called spalling, and this is a common problem in the Davenport and Quad Cities area. This type of concrete damage can be unsightly as well as create tripping hazards, so prevention is key. At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we have seen our fair share of spalling concrete problems, and we’re here to help you avoid this issue or repair it if it’s already present. We’ll find the best solutions available in the Quad Cities area and Davenport for your spalling concrete repair!

Causes of Concrete Spalling

Before you can prevent spalling from happening, you should understand the common causes of this issue. Spalling may result from any of the following:

  • Poor-quality concrete mix
  • Corrosion of rebar (due to moisture infiltration)
  • Improper aeration or curing
  • Lack of good finishing or sealing
  • Chemical reactions from deicing salts or cleaning solutions
  • Moisture damage, especially from repeated freeze-thaw cycles

Oftentimes, concrete spalling is related to moisture problems and freeze-thaw cycles. Because concrete is porous, it can absorb moisture, which expands when warm and contracts when cold. Enough of these cycles of freezing and thawing can break down the concrete, resulting in flaking, chipping, or a pitted appearance.

Spalling Concrete Repair 

If you wish to avoid spalling in your concrete and keep your slabs looking great for years to come, there are a few options to try. Our Quad Cities and Davenport spalling concrete repair team often uses professional-grade sealant, which protects the concrete from moisture and chemicals. A proper seal can make your slabs more resilient against the common causes of spalling. And whenever we are pouring new concrete, we make sure to use the right methods, including air entrainment and high-quality concrete mix to help it resist spalling.

A concrete slab that is already spalling may be repaired, depending on the extent of the damage. Our Quad Cities and Davenport concrete repair contractors can tell you whether your slab can be overlaid or patched, or if it’s best to replace it.

If you’ve seen chipping, pitting, or flaking of your concrete, give us a call today to schedule your free estimate.

Some slabs have cracked under extreme weight pressure.

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