MidAmerica Basement Systems is the local expert in all things basementy, and the reasons are numerous. For instance, all of our team members are experts at what they do. Our design specialists and foremen are mavens, consistently prepared to offer the best solutions possible for your basement issues, and perform high quality work. In addition to the knowledge and skill being brought to your home or commercial project, we also bring reliable high-tech products, such as our self-leveling laser levels for both inside and outside, thermal imaging cameras, and hydrometers to help provide you with our very best service.

Our indoor self-leveling laser level is being used in the pictures by foreman Justin Bailey and his team to keep the chair rails being installed over the EverLast Wall Restoration system level. Our foremen also use a laser level to assess where to set a WaterGuard and other products, and our design specialists check for foundation settlement, amongst other uses.  

The high tech thermal imaging camera is used by our design specialists for a multitude of reasons (and it’s pretty cool!) The thermal imaging camera can determine how much hot or cold air is getting into a space and where, determine where there are heat changes in the foundation, and can even see water in the foundation since it’s colder than the rest of the wall. This helps the design specialists determine the best course of action for anything from waterproofing to foundation solutions.

Our hydrometers are used to determine if a basement is susceptible to mold. At 60% humidity levels, mold will grow, which is not a good thing as mold can make one very sick. A great solution for high humidity basements is a SaniDry XP dehumidifying system, a self-draining, energy efficient, and high-preforming option that keeps mold out of any space. 

Laser Level Technology
Indoor Self-Leveling Laser Level Technology