The weather is never predictable in the Midwest. One day it is fifty degrees and sunny, and then the next day it is twenty degrees and snowing. The ground has been soaking up the water on those warmer days but has been expanding when the water freezes, causing reoccurring pressure on foundation walls. The rain and snow heavily affect soil movement and is the reason why walls will fail.

There are three main causes of wall failure:

1. Wet Soil expanding into the wall

                This happens when the soil around the foundation of your home is filled with too much water. It will start to push on the foundation walls causing them to bow inward and or crack. This can happen during a heavy period of rainfall. It can also happen from a build-up of rain over time.

2. Hydrostatic pressure from water stacked up outside the wall

                Hydrostatic pressure is just another fancy word for water pressure. As the soil fills up with water, the soil begins to push against your basement foundation. Causing the foundation to begin to crack and bow inward. It will also cause the water within the soil to find even the tiniest cracks to make its way into your basement. Causing your basement to fill with water.       

3. Frost pushing against the wall

                Even during the cold months, water has found its way into the ground. It will then freeze in the soil causing the soil to expand pushing into your foundation walls causing them to bow inward and or crack.

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