When it comes to leaking basements, it’s important to have the right waterproof system installed. Whether you have a French Drain system or a WaterGuard system, both systems work to keep ground water from surfacing, and redirecting it to the proper locations. Since they do the same thing, why is WaterGuard recommended over a French Drain system?

French Drain systems, also known as weeping tile, drain tile, perimeter drain or sub-surface drain, are a common solution to an effective basement waterproofing, but also comes with many disadvantages. It is very difficult to install a French Drain system. These systems must be installed on the outside of the home’s foundation, often limiting when the system can be installed. The French Drain system is installed along the outside footing of the home, meaning a lot of digging will take place. All the landscaping, sidewalks, decks or porches, must be removed in order to install an effective system. Not to mention, the dangerous and hazardous gas and water lines, sewer pipes and electrical wires that are also buried near your home’s foundation. Once the dirt is replaced back around the foundation, weather and time will eventually cause the dirt and soil to settle, which can lead to structural issues. Now as a homeowner, you have spent many days, maybe even weeks to install a drainage system.

WaterGuard is a drainage system that is install inside the home. Preventing the need to dig around the home’s foundation, and reducing the danger and hazard of hitting any unwanted lines, pipping or wires. And because WaterGuard is installed inside the home, it can be installed year-round! When WaterGuard is installed, it is placed on top of the foundation’s footing, preventing the system from clogging with debris and mud. WaterGuard also has a built in 3/8th inch flange that collects seeping water from the walls, without clogging with debris. Another advantage of installing WaterGuard inside is it will not cause structural damage to your home during or after installation. Oh, and was it mentioned that WaterGuard is typically installed in as little as one day!

A major issue that is found with a French Drain system is the clogging. Due to the piping being located outside the home, it is typical to have mud, slit, sediment, and even tree roots collect and clog the drains. These clogs can lead to overflow or backups, flooding your basement. Fixing the issue is an even more pain. Removing the dirt and soil from around the foundation must be done to access the area, and then you are back to square one, a long and expensive process to unclog, and even replace sections of the system.

As mentioned before, WaterGuard sits on top of the foundation’s footing, preventing the system from clogging! Have your basement waterproofed the right way once, with MidAmerica Basement Systems! Estimates are always free!

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