MidAmerica Basement Systems has waterproofed, warmed and insulated many crawl spaces. There are a variety of reasons people get their crawl spaces encapsulated that include but are not limited to: air quality control, lower energy bills, and reduction of unwanted pests.

People concerned about air quality realize that air rises, so you're breathing air that comes from the crawl space or the basement throughout your whole house, so it's critical to get the crawl space waterproofed. When water gets into the home, and the crawl space gets wet, the humidity travels through the home, which can cause sticking doors and windows, warped hardwood floors, mold anywhere in the house, and health issues like asthma and allergies. Getting your crawlspace encapsulated can help with your whole-home health.

Additionally, when a crawl space is insulated, the money you spend to heat or cool your house should be less. People who like spending less money on bills love that thermal insulation options, like SilverGlo, bring the space up to code, and trap the heat in the space so it doesn't instantly escape through the concrete. This lowers the energy bill, as less money is being spent on 'heating the outside.' Bonus: waterproofed and insulated crawlspace could even become a usable storage space. This means you save money by turning in the key to the storage garage you've been meaning to clean out.  

Finally, bugs, mice, and spiders love to live in your dirt crawl space. If you encapsulate your crawl space, you trap insects below the CleanSpace, and new bugs have less interest in coming in, which prevents them from migrating upstairs. With vent covers, mice should have no way to get in.

Encapsulating your crawl space will save you money on your energy bills, improve air quality in your house, and help with insect control. Get your free estimate here!