The homeowner of this basement in Cedar Falls, Robert, called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems because he had a few concerns with his basement and also wanted to elevate the space. He wanted to make sure that whatever renovations were made, they would not be damaged by humidity, mold or water instrusion. 


The team at MidAmerica Basement Systems sent Design Specialist, Mac McDaniel, to go to Robert’s home and inspect the property and provide a free estimate. Thrilled with what MidAmerica could do to transform the space, Robert gave the thumbs up. With lead foreman, Mike Clementz, heading the project the team began waterproofing the basement by installing TripleSafe sump pump and WaterGuard perimeter drainage system to keep the basement dry all the time. WaterGuard will drain wall leaks and rising ground water away from the foundation floor and to the TripleSafe sump pump. TripleSafe sump pump system is a 3 in 1 unit unlike any other in the industry, equipped with an airtight lid, airtight drain, check valves, WaterWatch alarm system and more.

Once the space was waterproofed, the team began installing BrightWall and ZenWall paneling. ZenWall is a revolutionary paneling system as it is made with a thick encapsulated core material with a foil backing and a decorative vinyl finish on front that works with the WaterGuard and protects against water vapor. To finish the basement floors, the team installed ThermalDry tile flooring in Sandstone tile. ThermalDry tiles are made with all in-organic materials which water can’t damage, water vapor can't seep through them and mold won't grow on them. All of the materials used to renovate Robert's basement are made with basements in mind, so he can rest easy knowing that he made a lasting investment.

Now Robert has a basement that is clean, dry and beautiful!

Area designated for TripleSafe installation. Before waterproofing and finishing.
TripleSafe, waterproofing, finishing installation complete.
Exposed floor before ThermalDry tile flooring.
ThermalDry tile flooring in Sandstone tile.
ZenWall installation complete, giving basement clean, finished look.