Jerry F. is the homeowner of this unstable crawl space in Marseilles and he called the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems to permanently remedy the issue. The team sent Design Specialist, Kevin Coakley to Jerry's home to provide a free inspection and same day quote. Kevin suggested the incredible Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System. 


The project was led by Lead Foreman Jordan Strutt. The tam installs the anchors by digging a small hole in the soil a few feet away form the foundation. A steel rod is drilled through a 1" hole in the basement wall and is connected to an earth anchor that is constructed deep in the augured hole. A wall anchor is then placed on the interior of the basement wall and secured to the rod. The augured hole is backfilled and sod is replaced. Once the earth anchor and basement wall anchor are installed, the wall anchor system is mechanically fastened and the basement walls are permanently stabilized. Geo-Lock earth anchors have 10 times more contact with soil so it has much more holding power in weaker soils. Jerry now has a crawl space that is permanently stable and safe!

Digging augur holes for the earth anchors.
The augur hole is small so the construction causes minimal disturbance.
Steel rods attach the earth anchor and basement wall anchor.
The low-profile anchor make it a favorite with homeowners!