In Curtis’ situation, Radon was seeping into his home through the dirt floors in his crawlspace. He had purchased Radon Test Kits to help determine the levels of Radon that were coming into his home. His results were shocking! With his basement reaching levels of 29 pCi/L and upstairs 19, he knew he had a serious issue that needed to be handled properly, and soon! He immediately called MidAmerica Basement Systems to have a Radon mitigation system installed.


Since the main source of the Radon was coming from the un-encapsulated crawlspace, the crawlspace must first be sealed off from the exposed ground. Crew members quickly got to work in encapsulating the crawlspace with CleanSpace. Installing CleanSpace allows for a barrier to be placed between the ground and the home so Radon levels will be reduced, and creates a seal that allows for the mitigation system to properly discharge the gas. With the ground completely sealed off from the crawlspace, the Radon mitigation system can draw out the gas from the dirt, while a second piping systems draws any Radon out from under the concrete basement floor. Thanks to MidAmerica Basement Systems for specializing in Radon mitigation, Curtis can now breathe safe air in his home.

Project Summary

Bill Wilcox: Radon Mitigation Specialist

Crawlspace Encapsulation: CleanSpace

Untreated crawlspaces allow for Radon to easily enter into your home.
Total CleanSpace Encapsulation provides a seal for mitigation system.
Radon mitigation system installed in concrete slab to draw Radon out from under home.
Radon mitigation system effortlessly discharges gas out of the home.
Home now has a safe breathing environment.