Diane and Craig were noticing large gaps under the doors throughout their home. One side would be the appropriate distance between the door and floor, while the other side would show a 2-inch gap. Some areas of the floors would appear to sag, and their recently new windows were having difficulties opening and shutting.


Diane and Craig reached out to the foundation specialists at MidAmerica Basement Systems to have their foundation inspected. Design specialist Dustin Shepard found indications of ground settlement under and around the home’s foundation. He proposed the installation of Helical Piers to help lift and stable the foundation, and increase the operations of their windows. Project engineer Pete Hensler and his crew started right on the settled foundation. With the installation of 16 Helical Piers, the proper foundation support was restored to the home. The Piers helped lift the home back to proper positions, reduced door gaps, straightened sagging floors, and improved window operations. Diane and Craig now have a support system that will keep their home stable during shifts in the soil.

Project Summary

Settlement Repair: Helical Pier System

Design Specialist: Dustin Shepard

Project Engineer: Pete Hensler

Ledge over garage shows signs of sagging from un-supporting foundation. Ground settlement causes the foundation to shift, shifting the weight unevenly throughout the home.
Crewmen continue to work to install Helical Piers. Proper and precise placement of the Piers is critical for proper support and lift to the home.
Helical Piers are properly installed, creating the proper support for the home. The Piers will be able to lift the home to increase functionality of windows and doors, and reduce sagging floors.