Katie had recently moved in to her home, and began to worry. She was noticing some slight sagging in her floors, raising concern. She was also beginning to notice that during large amounts of rainfall, the basement seemed to feel damp and moist, but could never find any water seeping in.


Design Specialist Chris, had met with Katie to discuss and inspect her situation. To address the sagging floors, he offered her a SmartJack system. SmartJacks are made of galvanized steel columns that permanently stabilize sinking floors. Holes are created and filled with tightly-compacted crushed stone to provide the appropriate stability needed to support the sagging floors. Once the fill is installed, the SmartJack is installed and tightened against the existing girder system, immediately stabilizing the floors. To address the moisture issue, a TripleSafe is installed, preventing future leakage.

Project Summary

Stabilizing Sagging Floors: SmartJacks

Design Specialist: Chris DeVore

Project Foreman: Mike Clementz

SmartJacks are installed and sealed to permanently support the sagging floors.
A TripleSafe is installed to help prevent future leaks.
Both systems have helped stabilize and waterproof the homeowner's new home for years to come.