Since September 15th, 2017, over 600 contestants have entered their information into the WQAD Basement and Crawlspace Foundation Repair Giveaway in hopes that their foundation problems will soon be resolved. Today, Zach and Lindsey Schwarz of Davenport, Iowa can finally rejoice!

For the past four years, Zach and Lindsey have lived on a home on Hillcrest Avenue, and were looking to sell to move into a bigger home for their family. Everything was going smoothly and were in the process of closing on the home, until the potential buyers pulled their bid due to unstable foundation. The home inspector made aware to the buyers, and brought attention to Zach and Lindsey, that the home’s foundation had significantly settled, causing sinking to a large portion of the home.

“We had accepted the buyers’ bid, and started packing up and had moved our belongings out. Then a couple weeks before the closing, they pulled their bid. We were not only left with an empty house, but a house with a large settlement problem,” states Zach. “When we first moved in four years ago, we never had this settlement issue, or, at least it wasn’t brought to our attention before we purchased.” As Zach continued he talked about the other issues the home was having: sticking doors and windows, cracks throughout the walls and sloping floors.

Once the Schwarz were aware of the horrible news about the home, they knew that if they were ever going to sell the house, the problem was a MUST FIX to sell. They heard about the contest, and entered their information, in hopes that during their estimate, the damage wasn’t too extensive. Expert design specialist, Mac McDaniel, had good but bad news. Good news was the settled foundation was fixable, but the bad news was not a cheap fix. A 13-Push-Pier System was in need to stabilize the home’s foundation, and make it suitable to sell to future homebuyers. Zach and Lindsey had a lot to discuss, putting their own homebuying and moving, on a stand still. Finally, the day came to announce the winner of the contest.

Mac and Howard, owner and GM of MidAmerica Basement Systems, approached the Schwarz’s home with exciting news. Presenting the Schwarz’s with a $10,000 check to repair the foundation, ecstatic and speechless, Zach and his son paraded around the home with gratitude. The home could finally be fixed and be suitable to sell! They can now continue the search for a new home themselves. Zach and Lindsey can’t give enough thanks to MidAmerica Basement Systems and WQAD for the opportunity in repairing their home and making it all possible.

Congratulations Zach and Lindsey!


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***Pictured left to right: Design Specialist Mac McDaniel, Homeowner Zach Schwarz & son, and GM & Owner Howard Tatge

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