Basement Waterproofing Customer Testimonial from Bob H. & Lyn C in Cedar Falls, IA

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Bob H. and Lyn C. from Cedar Falls, IA called MidAmerica Basement Systems for help with their home's leaky basement.

There was water seeping through a single corner, most of the time, but the existing drain was keeping it from pooling on the floor. During heavier rains however, a lot of water would leak in through the basement windows.
Bob and Lyn would like to be able to use the basement while living in the home, but also have plans to sell the property in the near future,. For that reason they knew that the water intrusion issues would have to be dealt with sooner than later.

In this video they talk about the experience they had with the company throughout the entire process, and the results after the job was completed.
"The real question is: Is there anything we didn't like?" -- says Lyn. "And the answer would be No.If you want your basement to be dry, if you want your basement to look beautiful, if you want not to have to worry about leaving and going on vacation and having a flood -- because they have battery backups on their sump pumps. If you don't want to have to worry about your basement, have MidAmerica Basement Systems do your basements."

- Bob H. & Lyn C of Cedar Falls, IA

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