Cedar Rapids Expansive Soils

Cedar Rapids Expansive Soils

Expansive Soil

The concrete foundation and basement walls of your Cedar Rapids home are under pressure every moment of every day because of the expansive soil that supports the massive weight of your home. In Cedar Rapids, clay-rich expansive soil is one of the primary instigators of concrete and foundation damage throughout Iowa.

Expansive soil in Cedar Rapids has highly absorptive qualities, and its volume will increase by 10% or more as it soaks in water during wet seasons. As the soil expands, it exerts a massive amount of inward hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls. And if this pressure remains unchecked long enough, with no reinforcements in place to add support to your concrete, your walls can bow, bulge, crack, or even collapse altogether. Conversely, expansive soil on your Cedar Rapids property shrinks as it loses water content during the hot, dry months. This never ending natural cycle puts a lot of stress on the concrete elements that are essential to the structural stability of your home. Besides the damage to the basement walls and the foundation, you may find damage to the interior of your home: cracks in the sheetrock, gaps between the walls and floor (or ceiling), sticking doors or windows, and uneven floors.

Shrinking Soil

But we’ve got you covered. The foundation experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems have innovative solutions to permanently repair bowed or cracked foundation walls in your Cedar Rapids property, mitigate water seepage, and secure your foundation from shifting and settling because of the unstable soil beneath and around your basement or foundation. 

Our team of foundation repair contractors in Cedar Rapids can repair and prevent the kind of damage caused by the seasonal cycle of expanding-contracting soil. We’ve given thousands of homeowners like you the peace of mind they deserve, knowing the structural integrity is restored. We only use the most effective, long-lasting repair solutions in the industry, and you can trust us to recommend the best option to secure your home.

If you are concerned about foundation damage at your Cedar Rapids property due to expansive soils, reach out to our Cedar Rapids foundation repair team right away. Ask for your free inspection and estimate to get started.

Poor Compaction

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