Discover the Causes of Foundation Problems

The majority of the causes of foundation problems involve soil issues. If the soil underneath your Cedar Rapids foundation cannot support the weight of your home, your home could experience various types of damage. 

There are several reasons for soil settlement in Cedar Rapids. Weather conditions can vary a lot in this area, causing expansion and contraction of the soil due to changing moisture levels. Rainstorms or snow fall saturates the soil, causing it to expand beyond its original size. Lack of moisture has the opposite effect in that the soil contracts and becomes much smaller. The constant changing conditions can cause voids in the soil, causing it to no longer support your home’s foundation. This soil settlement in Cedar Rapids can also lead to the need for foundation wall crack repair.

What kind of signs and symptoms indicate that you may have a soil settlement problem?

  • Wall cracks: These can occur inside or outside of your home, and the cracks can be small, hairline cracks, or very large cracks.
  • Windows or doors are sticking: There is pressure that is put on your home’s structure when your foundation settles. This will cause your doors and windows to be difficult to open.
  • Floors are uneven: If you experience Cedar Rapids soil settlement, your home’s floors may become bouncy or uneven due to the settling and foundation shifting.
  • Tilting chimney: Your chimney may separate from your house due to the setting of your foundation.
  • Bowing walls: When your home’s foundation settles, the pressure can cause basement walls to buckle or bow.

It is very important to act on these symptoms as soon as possible. The damage and cost to repair will only get worse over time. MidAmerica Basement Systems can help homeowners with Cedar Rapids soil settlement issues and foundation wall crack repair. Our experts want to help repair your home’s foundation issues and keep your family safe. Contact us for a free quote today!

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