What Should You Expect During Foundation Repairs?

In Cedar Rapids, foundation repair is something that many homeowners dread, but knowing what to expect can help you feel empowered and engaged with the process. While most foundation work is similar, it makes a huge difference when you choose a company like MidAmerica Basement Systems that you can trust. Our Cedar Rapids team of foundation repair contractors in Cedar Rapids is here to answer any questions you may have, give you transparent pricing, and to ultimately deliver quality workmanship.

The process for your Cedar Rapids home’s foundation repair will be unique to your situation and the conditions that created a need for the work. Things like foundation pier systems, wall anchors, or support beam repair are all a little different and require certain techniques. However, most repair jobs follow a similar flow:

Inspections and Estimates in Cedar Rapids

This is where all repair work begins, with getting a lay of the land and finding the right solutions to the problems we find. Our Cedar Rapids foundation specialists will thoroughly assess your home and give you an honest and fair cost estimate for the most effective repair option.


Because the foundation of your home is surrounded by soil, landscaping, and other elements, the area must first be prepped. This typically involves excavation around the home and clearing out the basement and/or crawl space. We try to minimize the disruption to your life and your property. 


Some foundation repairs take several days to complete, while others can be finished in less than one day. You may need to temporarily stay elsewhere, especially if your foundation requires major structural work to restore its ability to support your home. You can trust MidAmerica Basement Systems to work efficiently, so you can get back to your normal life.

Replacement and Clean Up

Once repairs are done, our contractors in Cedar Rapids perform a soil backfill of all the ground we excavated from around your foundation. We will also patch up any holes and replace your landscaping. We’re not finished until everything is put back the way it was before we started your job. We will follow up with you as your home settles into its new position, and we’ll repair any blemishes that may arise during that transition.

Ready to learn more about our Cedar Rapids foundation repair process? Get in touch with us today to schedule your free estimate.