Cedar Rapids Spalling Concrete Prevention

Spalling refers to a certain type of concrete damage that causes the surface to chip, flake, or pit over time. Sometimes, spalling is severe enough to expose underlying rebar, and is an unsightly and potentially hazardous issue. If you see any parts of your concrete slabs that seem to be chipping or flaking off, give us a call at MidAmerica Basement Systems. Our Cedar Rapids spalling concrete repair experts can provide a cost-effective solution to any of your concrete problems and help you prevent spalling in the future.

Causes of Concrete Spalling

Concrete spalling is a relatively common problem and can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Lack of good finishing or sealing
  • Poor-quality concrete mix
  • Improper aeration or curing
  • Corrosion of rebar (due to moisture infiltration)
  • Chemical reactions from deicing salts or cleaning solutions
  • Moisture damage, especially from repeated freeze-thaw cycles

Many of the concrete spalling issues we’ve seen have resulted from freeze-thaw cycles or moisture issues. Concrete is porous and can absorb water from the environment. As the water freezes and thaws, it expands and contracts. Enough of these cycles, without the proper sealant in place, can lead to spalling and damage to the slab.

Spalling Concrete Repair in Cedar Rapids

Want to keep your concrete slabs looking and performing their best and prevent spalling in the first place? Our team at MidAmerica Basement Systems uses heavy-duty concrete sealant that protects the concrete from chemicals, moisture, and other common hazards. After sealing, your concrete can better resist the main causes of spalling. And unlike some concrete repair companies in Cedar Rapids, we make sure to use only high-quality concrete mix and proper air entrainment methods when we pour new slabs to prevent spalling from occurring. 

However, if you already have spalling in your concrete, we may be able to repair it with patching or a concrete overlay. In some cases, the slab may need to be replaced. Our Cedar Rapids spalling concrete repair experts can tell you what is best for your particular case.

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Some slabs have cracked under extreme weight pressure.