At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we operate as a team. Everyone has to work together to best serve our customers. In order for our system design specialists to run appointments, the appointment center has to schedule appointments. In order for the production team to install solutions, the design specialists have to custom design the solutions, and so on. Inherently, we function as one big team, leaning on each other and trusting one another to get the job done and get the job done right. Our devotion to team work maximizes the customer experience, and dedication to one another.

Our team mentality extends far past the jobs we work on together. On one very rainy day in Davenport, August 11th to be exact, the sky opened up, threatening to soak anything and everything in its path – including the interior of an employee’s car. One of our out-of-office employees had left his sun roof open, along with the windows of his car. Marketing Manager, Sara Pethoud, and laborer, Mike Dempsey decided to help him out.

As the water trickled down from the sky, Sara and Mike drove across the lot to the exposed car. They began unrolling a thick spool of packing wrap, and started wrapping the car to shield it from the rain (per the employee’s request). Mike reports that Sara said that they had “plenty of time” before the rain came down hard. They didn’t. As Sara and Mike were finishing their good deed, there was a crack of thunder, a shudder, and a sudden down pour. Both Sara and Mike returned to the building soaking wet, and dripping water on the floors! However, thanks to their personal sacrifice, the employee’s car stayed dry and he avoided interior damage. Nice work, guys!

At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we go above and beyond for our team. When you do business with us, you get a dedicated team – we’re dedicated to you, and we’re dedicated to each other. If you get caught in a rainstorm in our parking lot, we’d wrap your car too! Let us show you what our team can do for you. Call us for your free estimate with one of our team-orientated design specialists!