Concrete Patio Repair Cedar Rapids

Concrete Patio Repair Cedar Rapids

Don’t Replace, Get Concrete Patio Repair

Have you noticed sinking, settling, or cracking in your concrete patio? Then come to the concrete patio repair experts in Cedar Rapids at MidAmerica Basement Systems! A damaged patio can become a serious tripping hazard for you and your family, and as the homeowner, you would be held liable for any trip and fall injuries. Additionally, a damaged patio can detract from your home’s value. 

Our team is here to offer all Cedar Rapids economical concrete patio repair solutions that will stand the test of time. While there are many concrete repair options out there, many of them don’t deliver permanent results or are unnecessarily expensive. 

MidAmerica Basement Systems provides our Cedar Rapids clients with quick, effective, and permanent concrete patio repair!

PolyLevel has brought the patio back to level.

PolyLevel® Versus Other Concrete Patio Repair Methods

If your patio is sinking, don’t rush to rip it out and pour a new one. Only in some cases do we recommend a total replacement, like if the slabs are completely broken, or the concrete surface is damaged beyond repair. However, in most cases, we can lift and level your concrete with PolyLevel®. Unlike the conventional method of mudjacking, polyjacking with PolyLevel® is much less messy and much more effective. Mudjacking requires larger holes in your slab, and adds even more heavy concrete, which can lead to erosion and sinking again in the future.

What Makes PolyLevel® So Effective?

During construction, a lot of soil is moved around and replaced. By the time contractors get to pouring concrete patios or sidewalks, nearly all of the surrounding soil has been disrupted. This fill soil isn’t nearly as strong or compact as native soil, and this can settle and erode under the weight of the concrete.

PolyLevel® gets to the root cause of this issue, by filling voids and stabilizing the soil for a lasting, waterproof hold. PolyLevel® offers a level of stabilizing that is simply unmatched by mudjacking or even total patio replacement. The expanding polyurethane foam can lift, level, and secure your concrete patio, and prevent future problems from occurring.

MidAmerica Basement Systems is proud to be a trusted leader for concrete patio repair in Cedar Rapids. Get in touch with us today for your free repair quote! 


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