Stories of folks helping out those in need never grow old. We all love hearing about people who go the extra mile and make the extra effort to assist others in the community. Howard Tatge, the owner and general manager of MidAmerica Basement Systems, basement waterproofing specialists in the area, is at the center of such a story.

Recently, Howard was asked by a friend and fellow contractor if he could use the company’s air compressor and jack hammer. When Howard asked why, his friend told him about the situation of his wife’s sister and her son. Some time ago, the young man was in a horrific auto accident; with severe injuries to his back and neck, he became a quadriplegic. He’s on the road to recovery but naturally there’s much to deal with. After a stay at Children’s Hospital, he returned home and is now using a wheel chair quite well. Howard’s friend asked to borrow the equipment so he could make the home handicap accessible. Howard offered his personal services as well as the company’s dump truck, compressor, jack hammer, and the shop foreman, too! They removed the house’s front stoop and sidewalk, and hauled away the debris. Then they poured a new concrete ramp which made the house accessible for the young man.

The appreciation of the family is revealed in the heartfelt handwritten note of thanks for “the donation of muscle and truck” and where Howard is called an “unexpected blessing.” The ramp is working out just great and the family is doing well, the note goes on to say.

Brief yet revealing, this simple story reflects the commitment to community that Howard Tatge adheres to as a long-time business owner in the local area. Isn’t it nice to know he can be counted on for that, and so much more!

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