Repair Wood Damage

Repair Wood Damage

If You Have Damaged Wood, We Can Repair It

Repairing Wood Damaged By Rot, Mold, Termites, & Pests in Davenport

Your home’s wooden floor joists, posts, support beams, and other structural supports can be damaged by many different things. Moisture-related issues and pests can wreak havoc on your home, but thankfully, if you catch it early enough, your wood can be repaired. Our crew of wood damage repair experts in Davenport is here to help you. We specialize in repairing all types of crawl space and basement problems, including rotting wood. Get in touch with us today for your free repair quote!



10% of wood production in the United States is used to repair rotting wood. Wood rot destroys about 20 billion board feet of timber each year—far more than the annual amount destroyed by fire damage.

Before Replacing Your Rotting Wood...

If you’ve spotted damaged or rotting wood, you’ll want to repair or replace it right away. But not so fast! That’s only one part of the solution. Before addressing the wood, you must also:

  • Eliminate pests like termites and carpenter ants
  • Remove potential sources of moisture infiltration
  • Fix any grade line or gutter issues

Don’t simply replace your wood beams only to have them destroyed again. MidAmerica Basements will address the causes of your rotting wood first!


Restoring Rotting & Moldy Crawl Space Wood

Each job presents unique challenges when it comes to restoring moldy or rotting wood. Our crew will look at which wood must be replaced and where, and also identify areas that can be salvaged. For structural pieces like posts and joists, the entire piece must be reinforced or even replaced. Only a trained eye can spot which wood pieces can be saved and which cannot.

Surface Mold Vs. Wood Rot

Mold and rot are naturally occurring, but don’t affect trees in the same way as building materials. This is due to the absence of bark. The wood in your home has been stripped of bark, which acts as a natural protection from mold and rot. Mold likes to feed on starches and sugars in the wood, and wood rot does as well in addition to eating the structural wood fibers. Both can lead to structural damage, and depending on how serious the mold or rot is, you may need more extensive repairs. 


If left unchecked, rot and mold can lead to serious structural damage to your home. A professional can help find the source of the problem and repair all structural damages.


Crawl space jack posts do more than just reinforce your rotting crawl space beams and posts—they can also be used over time to attempt to restore your floor to its original, level position.

Crawl Space Supports

In many cases, replacing the wood isn’t necessary, but a simple reinforcement system is the best solution. Crawl space jack posts, aka crawl space supports, can repair damage caused by moldy or rotting wood. They’re installed quickly and easily, giving strength to your home’s structure, and can even restore your floors to their original position. 

MidAmerica Basement Systems can set you up with crawl space supports for your Davenport home, and/or sister joists, to give the support that your home needs. 


After Repairing Your Crawl Space...

Protect your home from potential future issues by doing the following:

  • Keep debris away from the home to discourage pests and insects
  • Seal your crawl space
  • Dehumidify your crawl space

Our team at MidAmerica Basement Systems is here to help you safeguard your home from moisture and pest-related wood damage. Get in touch with us today to get your free project quote!


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