Peoria Expansive Soils

Peoria Expansive Soils

Peoria Expansive Soil

The foundation walls of your Peoria home are constantly under pressure from the outside. The soil surrounding your foundation is often the primary factor for bowed walls, moisture infiltration, and other forms of foundation damage in your home. If you have expansive soil on your Peoria property—clay with high absorptive qualities—your home and its foundations are especially at risk for the damaging effects of water. Expansive soils on your Peoria property can increase in volume by 10% or more when they get wet, which creates hydrostatic pressure that pushes inward on your foundation walls.

Expansive soils not only increase in volume and pressure when wet, but they’re also susceptible to shrinking when they dry out. Think of the tremendous changes these soils go through every year, through every season. Repeated cycles of wet and dry, expansion and shrinkage—over time this natural process can cause a lot of wear and tear on your foundation. The symptoms that indicate possible damage include: cracks in your foundation walls, water seepage into your crawl space or basement, bowed or tilted basement walls, separation of exterior masonry, interior doors and windows that are hard to open, and settling/shifting of the foundation. All of these are signs that it’s time to call your Peoria foundation repair experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems!

Shrinking Soil

Here at MidAmerica Basement Systems, we’ve seen firsthand the kind of damage that expansive soils can do to Peoria homes. Our team of foundation repair specialists in Peoria have worked with homeowners to address these types of problems. We provide the best, most cost-effective repair methods in the industry. You can’t change the type of soil around your foundation, but you can reinforce your home to withstand the pressure. We can recommend the right repair options for your unique situation.

When you see signs that indicate possible damage from the effects of expansive soils on the foundation and concrete walls of your home, reach out to us today and schedule a time for one of our specialists to stop by for a free inspection and repair estimate!

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