Why does it seem like one year the concrete slabs are even and the next, the neighbor has toppled over while walking their dog on our lopsided sidewalk!

Changes in the soil are often the main source for these annoyances. Sand simply washes away and expansive soils dry out and shrink which can all lead to voids underneath the slab. Without proper support, the slab begins to buckle, crack, shift and sink - creating an eye sore as well as trip hazards!

Before PolyLEVEL, people would consider mud jacking to level sinking concrete slabs despite the various drawbacks of using this method. Mud jacking involves drilling a series of large holes throughout the slab and a cement slurry is pumped beneath to fill the void. The process is long (several days to cure), messy and detracts from the look of the slab when the job is finished. Furthermore, mud jacking can make matters worse. The cement slurry used is extremely heavy, additional weight can cause the slab to sink even more in the future!

Another common method used is concrete replacement. This is an even more tedious approach as it involves removing the existing slabs, then add new concrete which can take WEEKS to cure. The process is also very disruptive and quite pricey - yet still does not address the real problem!

Well besides the numerous headaches you'll be avoiding by not trusting the above mentioned 'solutions' - let's talk about what makes PolyLEVEL so very unique.

PolyLEVEL is a state of the art approach that takes the original concept of mud jacking but uses modern day technology (high-density polymers) to accurately lift and precisely level the slabs - permanently!

The installation of PolyLEVEL is simple and takes MINUTES to cure! The team drills small holes (less tha the size of a penny) in the slab and then injects the structural grade polymers in void. Polyurethane expands to stabilize and lift slab, once the desired lift is achieved the team fills the small hole leaving a smooth, stable and leveled slab. After installation, the slab is ready to be walked on or driven on after 15 min!

Moreover, PolyLEVEL is waterproof so it won’t wash away and it is lightweight so it won't exacerbate sinking!

Because PolyLEVEL is so effective and strong that it is trusted by architects and engineers for projects such as railroads, major highways and commercial structures. PolyLEVEL is revolutionizing the way people stabile, lift and level concrete slabs.

Whether slab settlement around your home is major or minor, find out what PolyLEVEL can do for your home! We would be happy to provide you a no obligation free evaluation and estimate for concrete repair and leveling in Waterloo, IA City, Dubuque, Clinton, Moline and throughout the nearby areas!