Learn more about MidAmerica Basement Systems' recent work requests in Cedar Falls, IA
Vicinity of Butler Rd in Cedar Falls
I have drainage and sinking problems on part of my garage and Foundation that I need to take care of if you are in my service area very South East Butler County 5 miles Northwest of Cedar Falls
Vicinity of Tremont in Cedar Falls
120 year old house, we need a finished basement, egress window, update wall, update floor, and ceiling tile.
Vicinity of Alameda St. in Cedar Falls
Would like an estimate to put an egress window in my basement on the southeast side of the house as I'm going to put a bedroom in the basement.
Vicinity of Green Creek Road in Cedar Falls
Concrete Leveling for sidewalk, steps and patio.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Estimate for bowing walls repair
Vicinity of Carey Drive in Cedar Falls
Requesting quote to raise 1 front step in front of front patio.
Vicinity of Abraham Drive in Cedar Falls
Our driveway has several cracks, broken, and uneven sections. There are also a couple spots on the sidewalks that are uneven. Would like to know if it can be repaired rather than replaced and an estimate for costs of those repairs. Thank you!
Vicinity of Tremont St in Cedar Falls
Egress window well in basement must not have been installed properly, walls are starting to push inward.
Vicinity of Clay St in Cedar Falls
Quote on Egress window in basement. Foundation wall on detached garage failing.
Vicinity of Ironwood Dr in Cedar Falls
I just moved into a new home and I noticed a couple small leaks in the basement. One is in the furnace room and appears to be coming from the base of the foundation as there is no water running down the walls. The other is in a finished room where we noticed wet carpet by the closet.
Vicinity of Olive St in Cedar Falls
I'm in the middle of trying to buy a home, and one of the homes I'm looking at has some foundation issues. I can't remember if the concrete is bad, but there are 13+ jacks in the unfinished basement right now. I need an estimate to see how much it would cost to fix that so I'm not dodging jacks every time I go down there, and so that my floors can straighten out.
Vicinity of Quail Hollow Lane in Cedar Falls
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Wet basement , smelly, tired of dealing with the clean up.
Vicinity of Ashworth Dr, in Cedar Falls
My husband and I are possibly purchasing a home soon where there is no egress window in the basement. What is the average cost of having one installed?
Vicinity of Iowa Street in Cedar Falls
We have a drain in the middle of our basement bathroom floor. If we used this flooring option to cover the drain, is it easy to remove a few of the floor pieces to access the drain. The coverage area is 10 ft by 7 ft (minus a 48" by 34" shower and around 48" by 22" vanity)
Vicinity of Cardinal Court in Cedar Falls
I'm looking for quotes on egress window installation. There is not an existing window where the installation is planned so a cut into the poured foundation wall would be required. I'm not sure what size of window I want it to be yet so quotes on different sizes would be appreciated.
Vicinity of Millenium Dr in Cedar Falls
Sump pump discharge line keeps freezing in winter.
Vicinity of Madison St in Cedar Falls
Just had a home inspection that tested 10.3 pCi/L. Looking for estimate for mitigation system.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Moisture in drywall.
Vicinity of Fireside Dr in Cedar Falls
Need one edge of sidewalk raised.
Vicinity of Woodridge Dr in Cedar Falls
Water is seeping into my basement during heavy storms, do not know where it is coming from. I would also like to replace windows and learn more about your mold solutions.
Vicinity of Gibson St in Cedar Falls
I'm looking at getting my basement dried out and helping it drain more effectively. Currently it isn't in use since it is too damp and tends to have water seep in due to heavy rain. There is also a drain seems for the tiles to a sump pump that doesn't handle this water (in a higher level floor).
Vicinity of Sandahlwood Cir in Cedar Falls
Need a backup to sump pump. what are the best option,
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Some wall shifting. Waterproofing
Vicinity of Eastpark Rd in Cedar Falls
Hello, I was wondering if you provide drain tile cleaning services. Ours is clogged. If so, please email me so we can get an estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Hawthorne Drive in Cedar Falls
When it rains hard in a short period of time we get - water through walls and floor in at least 5 locations - water backs up outside the basement garage up to several inches Extended rains above 2-3 inches can puddle in front and back yards for days since we are the low house on the block.
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Water in basement
Vicinity of Laurel Circle in Cedar Falls
We are interested in radon mitigation installation. We would like to discuss option that may not require the sealing of our sump pit. We are also interested in the dehumidifier system.
Vicinity of Eastpark Road in Cedar Falls
1 front step/can it be raised to meet the porch?
Vicinity of Belle Ave in Cedar Falls
Foundation issues allowing water to seep in under stairs leading to basement in garage.
Vicinity of Grand Blvd in Cedar Falls
Leaks around the egde of the floor and walls
Vicinity of Merner Ave. in Cedar Falls
Continually damp and leeching water after rain. Would like a water proof space to utilize for activities.
Vicinity of Catherine Street in Cedar Falls
Water leakage into basement.
Vicinity of Austin Way in Cedar Falls
I would just like to have my house tested for radon
Vicinity of S Union Rd. in Cedar Falls
Cracked basement wall out of plumb wall seems to be
Vicinity of Neola Street in Cedar Falls
Water proofing basement and egress window.
Vicinity of Rainbow Drive in Cedar Falls
Water is coming in along east side of house. Last yr was the first time ever. Started again today with first thaw.
Vicinity of Brenton Drive in Cedar Falls
Just want to test the Radon level
Vicinity of in Cedar Falls
Greetings, we'd like to have our basement and two crawl spaces inspected for a proper insulation, as well as a potential moisture issues. Thank you.
Vicinity of Grand Blvd. in Cedar Falls
Would like our home tested for radon. where can I get the kits?
Vicinity of Clark Drive in Cedar Falls
I am interested in determining whether we need foundation repair and basement waterproofing or just the waterproofing. We have had water in the basement in the corners only and have replaced the gutters since then. That seems to have really helped with the water, but i am seeing some stairstep cracks in my garage wall, some vertical cracks in the basement, and some cracks around door jambs. Nothing sticking yet, but want to fix this early if needed. The house is a split-level ranch with a tuck-under garage on a hill. the hill is not steep, by any means. Thanks.
Vicinity of Feather Run Trl in Cedar Falls
I'm looking to get an egress window installed in an existing basement. The basement walls are poured. The maximum width of the window is approx 36". I would like to get an estimate to provide and install a window as described above and also get an estimate on installing a window/well provided by me. Thanks, Travis
Vicinity of Hawthorne Drive in Cedar Falls
57 year old ranch home has had problems with water on basement floor when it rains a lot. This year, I also noticed horizontal cracks in basement walls.
Vicinity of Terrace Drive in Cedar Falls
Getting water in my finished basement.
Vicinity of Maplewood Dr in Cedar Falls
Water seepage along north wall of basment. The basement is finished with panlling on walls.
Vicinity of Madison St. in Cedar Falls
My basement is leaking water.
Vicinity of Knoll Ridge Dr in Cedar Falls
Cracks in foundation causing cracks in ceiling. Ranch style home
Vicinity of Hillcrest Dr in Cedar Falls
Basement floor and wall cracking

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