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Looking for the best foundation repair company in Moline, IL? You’ve come to the right place! MidAmerica Basement Systems is a leading name for a wide range of foundation restoration services, and we can handle any size or scope of repairs. If you’ve seen any red flags such as sticking doors, bowing walls, or cracks in the concrete, give us a call right away.

Our team of experts knows there is no one-size-fits-all approach to foundation repair, and our professionals serving Moline and the surrounding area will create a custom solution just for you. Using the highest quality products from Supportworks, we’ll find the best ways to address your problems and prevent future foundation damage.

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Solutions for every problem. Don’t put up with your bowing, cracking, or buckling foundation anymore. Our foundation restoration services team serving Moline can get your property back in shape.

Common foundation problem signs:

  • Wall and Floor Cracks: One of the most common signs of foundation problems is the appearance of cracks in walls or floors. These cracks may be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, and can range in size from hairline fractures to large crevices. You may also notice that the cracks are wider at the top than at the bottom, which can be a sign of the foundation settling or shifting.
  • Uneven Floors or Gaps between Walls and Ceilings: Another common sign of foundation issues is uneven floors or gaps between walls and ceilings. You may notice that floors slope in certain areas or that doors and windows don't close properly. Gaps between walls and ceilings may also be visible, indicating that the foundation has shifted and caused the walls to pull away from the ceiling.
  • Doors and Windows That Stick or Won't Close Correctly: If you find that your doors and windows are sticking or won't close properly, it may be a sign of foundation problems. When the foundation settles or shifts, it can cause the door and window frames to become misaligned, making it difficult to open and close them.
  • Foundation Movement: You may also be able to see signs of foundation problems on the exterior of your home. Look for cracks in the foundation itself or in the brickwork, as well as gaps between the foundation and the rest of the house. You may also notice that the chimney or porch has separated from the house or is leaning.
  • Moisture Issues in Basements or Crawl Spaces: Finally, foundation problems can lead to water damage or moisture issues in basements or crawl spaces. If you notice dampness, musty odors, or mold growth in these areas, it may be a sign of foundation issues that are allowing water to seep in through cracks or gaps.

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MidAmerica Basement Systems is proud to be a trusted name for foundation repair in Moline, IL, known for our quality workmanship and great customer care. You can count on us for honest assessments and pricing, and on our warrantied products for long-lasting home support.

Supportworks foundation products are of the highest quality and are thoroughly tested by engineers for optimal durability. These products are backed by written warranties and are used extensively by our team of repair experts.

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No homeowner wants to deal with foundation damage, but we’ll go the extra mile to make the repair process as hassle-free as possible. We’ll help you navigate each step with confidence, and make sure you’re satisfied with the results. Contact MidAmerica Basement Systems today and schedule your Moline, IL, foundation repair estimate!

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