Garage Floor Repair Services by MidAmerica Basement Systems

In many residential homes, the garage is built as a separate structure and attached to the home through a breezeway, or merely by a single wall. They are not always part of a foundation structure, and in many ways, behave like a patio slab with a roof over them. Garage floors can often sink and become uneven as the soil underneath shifts and settles. 

Garage floors often have constant, heavy traffic that can accelerate the settlement and cause the slab to sink further into the ground. If you notice any signs of settlement in your garage, you may need to repair your garage floor.

If your garage floor has many cracks and is pitting and flaking, a repair may not be enough. Extensive damage to your garage floor may require a complete slab replacement, which can be expensive and time-consuming. If your garage is simply uneven or settled in one area, you may only need a simple garage floor repair to fix the problem.

We use PolyLevel® to lift uneven garage floors to level them out and create an even surface. PolyLevel® is a polyurethane injection foam that instantly expands and lifts your sunken slab. We simply drill a dime-size hole into the slab to inject the foam. It instantly goes to work and expands the foam to lift your sunken garage floor back into place.

Since garage floors have a lot of heavy traffic, it’s important to have a durable solution to withstand the traffic and create a long-term solution. This is why we use PolyLevel® to lift your sunken concrete instead of mudjacking. Mudjacking is a traditional method that is not as effective and can easily washout over time, requiring the job to be done again.

MidAmerica Basement Systems can utilize PolyLevel® technology to lift settled portions of garage floors, and even seal them with the SealantPro system to make them resistant to flaking and staining over time. Contact us today for your free quote!

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