Signs Your House Has a Mold Problem

The thought of mold issues in your Peoria residence is enough to make any homeowner anxious, and for good reason. In a humid place like Peoria, mold issues can spread quickly, often out of sight, and will cause damage to not only the structure of your home, but also to your air quality as well. Some types of mold can be hazardous to your health, so if you suspect your home has a mold issue it’s important that you call us at MidAmerica Basement Systems right away. Our Peoria foundation repair experts can assess your situation and will recommend the best course of action to mitigate the troublesome mold and repair the damage.

Here are some common indications that you have a mold problem in your home:

Visible Mold Growth

Sometimes, mold can be seen right out in the open. Inspect your walls and floors, especially in corners and in areas of high humidity like bathrooms and kitchens.

Musty Odors

If you notice a moldy, musty smell in your home but can’t seem to find the source, your home in Peoria may have mold issues growing somewhere out of sight, perhaps in your crawl space or behind your walls. This may be especially evident when you turn on your heating or air conditioning.

Increased Asthma, Allergy, or Cold Symptoms

If you have noticed an unexplainable increase in your allergy or asthma symptoms, or you feel like you have a chronic cold, this may indicate airborne hazards like mold.

Previous Flooding

One major red flag for mold problems in Peoria is the indication of previous flooding in your home, which may have happened before you moved in. If your home has suffered water damage from a burst pipe, a tub or toilet that overflowed, or a leaky P-trap beneath a sink, you may have mold.

Fuzzy Fabrics

Mold loves to hang out on soft, porous surfaces, and will easily accumulate on things like couches, carpets, and even your clothing. Fuzzy black or white spots, a feeling of sliminess, or skin irritation, any of these could indicate that mold spores are circulating in your home.

Mold absolutely lives for damp spaces, literally.

Even if none of these things stand out to you, mold could still be lurking somewhere in your home! Better to be safe than sorry, so at the slightest suspicion call us at MidAmerica Basement Systems in Peoria today and ask us about our basement and crawl space waterproofing and repair services. Click here to schedule your Free Estimate!