Wall Straightening for Tilting Walls

If you have problems with bowing or tilting walls, your home’s structural stability could be in jeopardy. Our experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems can diagnose the problem and recommend a proper solution to permanently straighten your bowing walls. 

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What Causes Walls to Tilt?

The main culprit for tilting walls is the soil in the ground that surrounds your foundation or basement walls. As the soil shifts, it can put an immense amount of pressure on your walls and cause them to bow or tilt inward. Rainstorms cause the soils to become saturated with water and expand in size and push up against your walls. 

As the soils continue to expand and shift, it will cause more problems for your walls and they will continue to become more damaged and eventually fail. In order to completely repair your failing wall, the problem soils must be addressed first. At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we offer permanent solutions to stabilize your walls and potentially straighten them back to their original position. 


Basement walls that are showing signs of bowing, buckling, and tilting can get worse over time, and they should be addressed before finishing the basement.

However, most homeowners will want to finish their basement and enjoy the space right away, and wall anchors may take some time before your wall has returned to its original position.

Your foundation repair expert can talk with you about options to quickly and effectively restore your foundation wall to its original, straight alignment.

Repairing & Straightening Tilting Foundation Walls

At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we use the GeoLock® Wall Anchor System to stabilize your walls and prevent them from tilting any further. This wall system is trusted by many different companies and has a proven track record of repairing failing walls. 


Installing the GeoLock™ Wall Anchor System:

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Our experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems are ready to help you restore your home’s structure and value. We gladly offer free estimates to our customers throughout Cedar Rapids, Peoria, Waterloo, Davenport, Dubuque, Iowa City, Clinton, Moline, East Peoria, Rock Island, and many surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!