Poor Drainage - A Root Cause of Foundation Repair Needs

Poor water drainage is a common cause for foundation problems. If your yard does not have the proper water drainage systems in place, it can cause water to pool up and soak into the ground around your foundation.

As a result, the water can put pressure on your home’s foundation and cause it to crack. Installing the proper drainage systems is very important for protecting your foundation and your home from water damage.

Unless the ground drops off around a structure more than 8-9 feet, it is not possible for a downhill incline to flow the water away naturally. This is when a drainage system comes in handy.

Installing a proper drainage system will help channel the water away from your home’s foundation. When a footing drain is installed, it generally drains to either a storm sewer, sump pump, or to the surface. This allows the water to be properly channeled away from your home’s foundation, eliminating the risk of water damage.

A new TripleSafe replaces the old worn-out sump.

A sump pump can be installed to actively pump water out of the house. This reduces the need for a natural downhill incline and ensures that the water is being removed. Sump pumps must be maintained in order to work properly and avoid getting clogged with dirt and other debris.

Without a proper drainage system, water pressure against your foundation can lead to wall cracks, sticking doors and windows, uneven floors, and many other symptoms of damage to your home. Over time, these problems can get worse and decrease the value of your home.

A drainage system is a worthy investment and can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches by preventing further foundation damage.

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