Poor Soil Preparation and Your Foundation

The main cause of foundation problems starts with the soil. If the soil below your home’s foundation is not supportive enough to hold the weight of your home, your foundation will settle into the ground and cause a number of problems to your home.

Changing weather conditions is one cause of poor soil support, as they can expand and contract and create voids in the soil, causing your foundation to settle.

Another reason for poor soil support is caused when your home was built. Soil preparation is a vital step for builders to take in order to have a solid base for your home’s foundation to rest on. If the builder did not take the proper steps to prepare the soil before your home was built, it can create serious foundation issues in the future.


Soil in its natural state is very strong and sturdy and can hold massive amounts of weight with competent load bearing strata. When new homes are built, the soil is disrupted from its natural state and becomes loose and porous.

The builder will grade the lot to level it out before the foundation is poured, but rarely do builders take the time to compact the soil back to its natural, undisturbed state. Since the soil is not as supportive as it once was before the excavation took place, the heavy weight of your home’s foundation will cause it to settle.

This is why preparing the soil is a very important step for builders to take before any home is built. It will save the future homeowner an expensive foundation repair problem in the future.

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