Foundation Cracks and What Causes Them

Foundation cracks are mostly caused by unsupportive soil underneath your foundation. Varying weather conditions cause soils to expand and contract when moisture levels change. A home rests on several different layers of soil. The movement that occurs as soils naturally expand and contract from the changes in moisture levels causes the home to shift and the foundation walls to crack.

Dry weather conditions then cause the soils to contract and become much smaller. This constant expansion and contraction creates voids in the soil, making it no longer supportive to the weight of your home.

As your foundation settles into the ground, it puts massive amounts of pressure on your home’s structure. Unfortunately, foundation settlement will only get worse over time and your home will continue to sink further into the ground. As it continually sinks, the pressure on your home becomes so immense that it causes your walls to crack.

Types of foundation cracks to look out for:

  • Interior wall cracks: Foundation settlement can cause interior wall cracks in your drywall.
  • Exterior wall cracks: Exterior wall cracks can occur on your home’s stucco, brick, or concrete.
  • Horizontal or vertical cracks: Interior and exterior cracks can occur either vertically or horizontally, so it’s important to keep an eye out for both.
  • Small hairline cracks: Even the smallest of cracks can indicate foundation problems. If you notice any new hairline cracks in your walls, it’s best to get the problem inspected before it gets worse.
  • Large cracks: Large cracks are often the most obvious sign and indicate serious settlement and should be inspected immediately.

If you notice any kind of wall crack on your home, it’s best to get it inspected quickly before the problem gets worse. Repairing your wall cracks can increase your home’s value and create a safer environment for you and your family. MidAmerica Basement Systems offers several different foundation repair products to repair your wall cracks and keep your home stabilized and safe. Contact us today for your free quote!

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