Sump Pump Installation Peoria

Sump Pump Installation Peoria

Expert Sump Pump Installation in Peoria

How Sump Pumps Keep Your Basement Dry

Your basement is at risk for water damage, simply due to its design. It’s easy for groundwater to seep through cracks in the floor or foundation walls, and this can cause serious issues for your home. Thankfully, there are some easy solutions that can protect your basement from water damage, including sump pumps. This is an essential part of any comprehensive basement waterproofing strategy.

At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we have extensive service experience with sump pump installations in Peoria, and we can recommend the best sump pump system for your needs. Sump pumps are a great line of defense against water damage, especially during times of heavy rain or flooding. Sump pump systems capture water and move it outside of your home, before it can do any damage to your belongings or structure. These systems work around the clock, quietly keeping your space safe and dry.

How Sump Pumps Keep Your Basement Dry

MidAmerica Basement Systems in Peoria  is proud to be a leader in basement waterproofing throughout Peoria, and we’ve installed hundreds of sump pumps since we opened in 1990. It’s a simple and straightforward process to get the peace of mind you deserve. Our sump pump installation follows these general steps:

  • Place The Sump Pump Liner: We will excavate a sump pit and line it to protect against debris.
  • Install A Perimeter Drain System: Your basement perimeter is jackhammered so we can set clean stone and a drainage pipe on top. This collects any water and directs it toward the sump pit.
  • Install Sump Pump: Your new sump pump is put in place and connected to your perimeter drain system.
  • Restore Flooring: Our team will restore your basement floor, ensuring a smooth and attractive finish.
  • Cleanup and Finishing Touches: We tidy and remove any debris or dust from the installation area.
  • Upgrade Your Basement: Now that your basement is protected from water damage, it’s a great time to make any other updates you’d like.

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