ThermalDry Vapor Barrier

ThermalDry Vapor Barrier

Davenport ThermalDry® Basement Radiant Wall Barrier

Improve Your Home's Energy-Efficiency with Basement Wall Barriers


Suppose you have finished basement walls but an unfinished basement. In that case, your home likely suffers from drafts and high utility bills. It's not necessary to undergo a costly finishing project to fix this issue. MidAmerica Basement Systems has an easier and more affordable solution.

Our waterproofing experts in Davenport use the ThermalDry® vapor barrier wall system tol enclose and insulate your basement, protecting it from drafts and fluctuating temperatures. This waterproof barrier improves energy efficiency and keeps your home comfortable without needing to finish your whole basement.

Our team provides expert installation in Peoria, Davenport, Iowa City, Waterloo and the surrounding areas in Illinois and Iowa. Reach out to MidAmerica Basement Systems in Davenport, today at 1-888-703-3555 or click below to get a free estimate!

How ThermalDry® Wall Works

When moisture and water pass through concrete foundation walls, vapors cause fluctuations in temperatures, and water can cause damage to the finished walls in your home or property in Davenport. The ThermalDry® vapor barrier wall system protects your finished wall from this happening. It serves as both a vapor barrier and a way to redirect water leaks into your drainage system.

We choose ThermalDry® Wall because of its unique capability to bounce back 97% of the heat you lose back into your home. This wall system makes your home a more cozy, energy-efficient space, helping you save on bills and stay comfortable.

Our expert team installs ThermalDry® Wall fast, usually in just a day. You can finish or reside in your basement immediately after installation.

Why ThermalDry® is Our Preferred Solution

All your basement finishing products are vulnerable to mold and rot because moisture and water constantly pass through your basement walls' porous concrete. The water becomes trapped in your walls and will eventually lead to significant damage.

ThermalDry® Wall protects your basement from both moisture and drafts with a unique radiant barrier. If you have a perimeter drain installed in your basement, the barrier can be tucked into it. This redirects water away from the wall and into your drain.

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