Flooded Stairs

Flooded Stairs

Flooded Stairs In Your Basement Mean You Need Waterproofing!

Stairs can often flood and develop many water issues in your basement. Stairs contain a lot of openings where water can flow through and find ways into the basement. Poorly constructed stairs leave no challenge for water to flow through them because there was no design to try to keep water out.

Stairs that are designed with concrete will crack over time and water will be able to flow through those cracks as tiny as a hairline. Just as water can easily enter your basement through wall cracks, any cracks in your staircase can allow water to intrude.

Wooden stairs can also weaken over time. As they become weak, they create large gaps that water can easily flow through. No matter what type of stairs you have in your basement, each type can develop certain issues over time and result in flooded stairs.

Flooded stairs can occur in the following places:

  • Underneath metal hatchway doors: These doors are not matched up with the concrete frame that they’re attached to. Water can easily enter through the voids and pool up in your basement.
  • Where the hatchway and foundation meet: This area is rarely sealed by contractors, allowing water to easily seep through and flood your basement.
  • Through cracks in the concrete: A hatchway entrance can form cracks over time, allowing water to seep through those cracks and flood your basement.

If you’re unsure if you have a flooded stair problem, sign up for a free, no obligation estimate with a MidAmerica Basement Systems Design Specialist. They will do a thorough inspection and discuss repair options based on the needs.

We offer several waterproofing products to protect your basement from water damage in case your home experiences flooded stairs. Contact us today for your free quote!

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