Catch Basins - Drain Away Your Surface Water

A Catch Basin, also known as a storm drain, is a proper drainage solution that can help protect your home from water damage. It is a curbside drain with the sole function of collecting rainwater from our properties and streets and transporting it to a river or another destination through a system of underground piping, culverts and/or drainage ditches.

A Catch Basin can be used to maintain a clean system and a free-flowing system. It is typically found in streets, parking lots, and in yards. It can easily be hidden within your landscaping to not disrupt the look of your yard, while protecting it from flooding.

Catch Basin

Maintaining a catch basin is very important to prevent clogging so that it works properly. If the drain were to become clogged with leaves or other debris, water cannot properly flow through and it could become clogged and cause flooding.

A Catch Basin helps capture excess water and channels it through piping to prevent water from pooling around your foundation walls and cause foundation damage. If water were to pool around your foundation, it can seep through any cracks in your foundation walls and enter your basement.

Water in your basement can lead to even more headaches and bigger, more expensive issues. Aside from flooding your basement, water can cause other health-related issues like mold growth and cause musty odors in your home. A Catch Basin can help properly drain water far away from your home to help you avoid these costly issues.

Our team at MidAmerica Basement Systems installs Catch Basins to properly help capture excess rainwater and channel it away from your home. We have helped homeowners protect their homes for nearly 30 years. Our drainage systems protect your home from extensive water damage. Contact us today for your free quote!