Flooded Basement Repair

If you have leaky basement walls or a flooded basement that is damp, humid, or wet, there's an easy way to return the space to dry, usable conditions. The process is fast, effective, and cost-efficient, and once installed in your home, leads to lower energy bills and a basement that's warrantied to be dry.

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Damp and Leaking Basement Walls

Concrete shrinks as it cures, and the concrete curing process of basement walls can continue for six months to ten years (in extreme cases) after the home has been built. This means that it's common to have several small cracks form in any type of basement wall -- even in a new home -- and those cracks are openings for water to make its way through.

Additionally, concrete block basement walls hold large open cavities inside that can run up and down the walls. These walls are made out of concrete, a porous material that easily allows water vapor to soak through and enter the basement. If you've ever had a leaky basement, a flooded basement, walls or have watched concrete dry, you know what we're talking about.

As water passes through the concrete, it can reach the large hollow gaps in block walls or force its way through basement wall cracks. Block wall cavities can fill with water, soaking the concrete and seeping through to the home, and water can push its way through the basement wall floor joint and flood the basement. At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we've seen this problem throughout the region.


Repairing Leaky Basements and Stopping Flooding

Repairing wet concrete block walls is part of what the basement contractors at MidAmerica Basement Systems do every day. The basement waterproofing process can be completed in a single day, sometimes two, and involves a sump pump, perimeter drainage system, a vapor barrier, and, in the case of block walls, weeping holes drilled in the block walls. We recommend working with an expert basement contractor, as having a basement leak can be very damaging to personal items stored inside, and repairing the leak can require heavy equipment like a jackhammer.

Contractors Specializing in Flooded Basements

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