Our Crawl Space Waterproofing Solutions

Water is the main source of crawl space problems. Once water is in the crawl space, it leads to a series of problems like moisture, humidity, and mold. Standing water can be found in a crawl space or even in wet soil. These are signs that the crawl space needs to be waterproofed. A waterproofing system is a solution that would fix the problems before they even start. A complete waterproofing system contains a perimeter drainage system, a drainage mat, a sump pump system, and also a dehumidifier. Having a waterproofing system installed will keep not only the crawl space clean, smell-free, and dry but also protect the rest of the home above it.

At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we provide complete waterproofing systems to protect your home from water damage.


Everything You Need For a Dry Crawl Space In Illinois and Iowa

Most homeowners aren't happy with their crawl space environment. And there's a good reason for that—most crawl spaces don't offer much to be smiling about. It's our job to make sure that your musty crawlspace is transformed into a clean, dry, and energy-efficient space.

Typical crawl spaces are moldy, foul-smelling spaces that homeowners avoid at all costs. Many of them flood, and they're often filled with debris. In more extreme cases, they can be rotting structures with rodents, animals, and other pests living within.

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Steps to Installing A Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

We offer more than just crawl space vapor barriers! Our complete moisture control system includes a wide variety of crawl space products for your home. 

Advantages To Our System:

  • Fast, Clean Installation
  • Patented, Warrantied Products
  • Save Money On Utility Bills
  • Gain Storage Space

Our crews of crawl space contractors are professionally certified at the Basement Systems International Headquarters in Seymour, CT. 

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